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I joined the family business in 2011 in support of my father who has been manufacturing shoes, handbags, belts and accessories since arriving in 1972. Born in Africa and of Indian rich cultural background and traditions has taught me the value in creating products that are long lasting, sustainable that meets our current lifestyle without compromising on style.

Keeping up to date with current fashion trends. I have travelled to India, Africa, America and Mexico in search of new skills in Saddlery, Braiding, tooling, carving, lacing, moulding, natural dye process and raw materials.

I have worked on projects with Lost Property of London, Paul Harnden, N’Damus, Alpha Omega, Treser Leather, Aberdora, Eyato London, Roksanda, Peter Jensen, Oliver Spencer, Carmen Woods, Carolina Wong and Diamond Roc 

Why Us?

Innovative in product technology and technical design skills.

  • Design/sketch
  • 2D & 3D Pattern Cutting
  • Sample/prototypes